Play-based and developmentally-sensitive help

Individual and Family Play Therapy
  • Possible social, emotional, developmental and/or behavioral problems for which therapy can focus:

    • Infant with frequent crying or fussiness or any difficulty developing infant-caregiver bond

    • Separation Anxiety

    • Reactions to Life Stresses (grief, divorce, foster care, military parent/ deployment, etc)

    • Peer Struggles/ Bullying

    • Developmental Issues or Disability

    • Challenging Behaviors

    • Co-Parenting Challenges

    • Childhood Trauma

    • Difficulty with Mood Regulation (frequent anger or agitation)

    • Anxiety

    • Depression

  • Christine meets with the family, including the child, to complete a thorough assessment.  Assessment might also include observing interaction of the child and caregivers.  Based on the family and child’s individual needs, a treatment plan is developed.

  • Regardless of the age of the child, therapy includes providing education, support, and consultation to the child’s family, caregivers or teachers.

  • Sometimes a child will also benefit from direct intervention.  With young children the intervention is play-based.  Play therapy consists of a wide variety of play activities, including:  playing with puppets or dolls, water or sand play, various art activities, playing games, story telling and music play.   Play therapy allows children a safe place to play out their thoughts and feelings related to real-life experiences.  They are free to express their emotional experience— what it feels like to be them. With access to this internal realm, a play therapist, can help children and their caregivers discover alternative ways of viewing, coping with, and potentially overcoming, their difficulties.

  • As a child gets more comfortable with Christine and the therapy process, the therapy can become more language-based including more direct discussion and learning about feelings and behavior.

  • All major insurance plans, including Medicaid and Tricare plans, are accepted. Our office can assist you in filing claims for reimbursement if we do not participate in your particular plan.